March 15, 2016

Kitsho at Hotel Jen Manila

If authentic Japanese food is what you crave for, you better check out Kitsho at Hotel Jen Manila. My family had a sumptuous time at Kitsho's weekend buffet. Unlike other buffet, Kitsho offers sit down buffet ala carte, where you get to have your preferred hot dishes cooked. As a Japanese restaurant, they have all the bases readily served like sashimi, sushi, salmom and other Japanese entree. You can order other delectable food and they will cook it the way you want it. 

Other dishes readily available are fresh fruits, salads, and soup. Japanese Meal will not be complete without Tempura, I particularly like their Shrimp Tempura. A must try is Kitsho's OYSTERS, which is imported from HIROSHIMA

KITSHO, a Japanese Restaurant and Sake Bar, also offers small meeting rooms for private meetings and other occasions.

3001 Roxas Boulevard., Pasay City, M.M, Philippines
(632) 795 8888

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