March 21, 2016


If you prefer  Tex-Mex cuisine, you better try Megawatt.  My family recently visited the place  and right off the bat you can see that the owners made an effort to give the place an industrial look, an energy and power plant theme to be specific.

Don't be fooled by the cables and wires that's unsightly 
for when you reach the second floor, you will be transported into a different place.

The idea of having an energy and power plant themed restaurant came to mind after a recent visit to one of the power plant stations in the country where cement-finished flooring, solar panels and bright yellow power generators caught the eyes of everyone and sparked the idea of having a restaurant theme patterned from it. Taking the concept to a whole new level, the owners emphasizes on it being an eco-friendly dining place wherein everything from the cups to utensils are made from recyclable materials; the restaurant is powered partially by clean energy provided by the solar panels, diners can see how the panels can create a renewable source of energy through sunlight alone!

Even the restroom goes well with the   power plant themed concept

One of the owners who happen to own 21st Element, one of the leading brands in the car-wash/car-care, paved the way for the decision to open Megawatt’s first branch within LG2 Carwash Station’s compound.  This is the reason why  Megawatt has an eat-while-you-wash dining concept. To the car enthusiasts who loves to take care of their cars as much as eating great food, Megawatt is definitely a must visit place! 

My husband and kids, being toy collectors themselves, feasted their eyes with the wide array of limited edition toys, and memorabilia that welcomed us upon entrance to the door. Some of the toys, shoes and other stuff can be bought by diners.

The menu is not common yet very familiar. Their 5 cheese pizza (which I highly recommend) is to go back for! My picky-eater daughter actually said, "Mom I can't wait for us to go back at Megawatt. I really like their 5 cheese pizza!".

5-Cheese Pizza
Megawatt Platter - Fries, Onion Rings, Cheese sticks, Chicken Nuggets
Chicken and Fries

My husband said, Megawatt's burrito and burger is comparable, actually even better to that of popular burger and burrito restos in town. Megawatt's burrito actually ruined my no-rice diet (wink!). The beverages are neatly conceptualized to match the industrial feel of the place.

I definitely enjoyed the food and the concept, but in every place we visit, I'm very particular to the service. Having said that, I commend Megawatt's service crew;  I enjoyed being served by one of the friendly power plant maintenance and engineering team in full jump-suit mechanic uniforms!

Don't take my word for it though, just go and experience what Megawatt has to offer. They are located at located at 41 N. Domingo corner Valencia St. in the heart of horse-shoe village in Quezon City, bordering Robinson Magnolia and in front of LG2 Carwash Station.  If you are coming with your family or friends, better call in advance at (02) 501 2987. Megawatt is open from 11AM to 9:30PM.

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