April 1, 2016

MELCHORA A Movement of Women for Change and Reform.

It was an honor to be invited in a celebration of womanhood and service to the Filipino nation earlier today at Club Filipino in San Juan City by MELCHORA.  I find time in any invite that helps women, children, and the marginalized. MELCHORA'S vision and mission in conducting self-awareness and consciousness among the less fortunate amongst our fellow Filipinos is a cause worth giving my precious time.

MELCHORA is a Movement of Women for Change and Reform, and is a newly accredited party list organization which seeks to promote and protect the rights of marginalized Filipino women and children, provide livelihood opportunities, employment and entrepreneurship modules through skills training and development. 

Upon arriving at Gabaldon Room of Club Filipino, pretty baby pink stuff like baloons, paper bags and tarpaulines with Ms. Grace Ibuna's photo were neatly placed.  Even the lights are pink! See the photos below, it's pretty in pink and pretty blurry, too.

Ms. Grace Ibuna
There were plenty of guests who spoke and did testimonials about the candidate, but who else can vouch for the person better? Syempre ang anak! Garrie Concepcion (Ms. Ibuna's daughter with Gabby Concepcion) was there to help her mom. She even sang for the the crowd. Oh, well, she has a great voice! Looking forward to more of Garrie as she makes way to showbiz? 

Being the founder of  MELCHORA, Ms. Grace Ibuna is representing MELCHORA in the upcoming election as Party List Representative in the Congress. May you find a space in your ballots for #MELCHORA #26.  Their main objective is to help vulnerable women and those who live under difficult circumstances. 

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