April 22, 2016


Joy is not my real name. Written on my birth certificate is Josephine but I grew up hearing Joy. I was only called Josephine by my mom when she was really mad when I did something wrong. 

I don't know why I was nicknamed Joy instead of Jo or Josie. My relatives said maybe because I was a chubby-happy (let me insert cute, wink! wink!) little kid so Joy fits my personality.

It's fairly hard to have Joy for a name. Imagine being Joy and yet ang sungit, suplada o malungkutin ka (lol!). Although associated with bathroom tissue and dishwashing liquid, I thank my parents for nicknaming me Joy. Joy has its own merits; along with Jesus, Love and Noel, these names are popular when its Christmas time kaya sikat ako pag Pasko! Joy has its benefits too, just like when McDo came out with #PaChickenMcDoForJoy. I was tagged by so many people in Facebook to go to any participating stores to get FREE 1-piece Chicken McDo with rice for me and a friend. 

I was planning to go to Megamall but then Pao Oga invited me to a #PaChickenMcDoForJoy Bloggers Event at McDo Greenbelt.

Along with my favorite ka-tukayo mom bloggers, Joy Felizardo and Joy Gurtiza, I felt so loved! 

Salamat McDo sa libre kong mcmcmcchicken!

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