May 26, 2016

Gerald Anderson

Going to Trinoma is not a regular thing for me. I only cover events at Trinoma when I like the brand or the celebrity/celebrities endorsing it.

Yesterdays event, Ipanema Perfect Pair  at the Trinoma Activity Center, was particularly important for me. First I like Ipanema a lot, and I like their newest endorser - Gerald Anderson.

I knew who Gerald Anderson was when he joined Pinoy Big Brother but I only became a fan of this good looking young actor when he completely disregarded his personal safety to help those affected by Ondoy back in 2009.

The call time for Ipanema Perfect Pair  with Gerald Anderson was 4pm. I was there at 3pm. I had a limited time because we had to hurry back home for Mama's insulin shot. To make the long story short, umeksena talaga ako to have a photo and video opportunity with Gerald Anderson. Kesehodang muntik na akong mahulog sa stage (hahaha). That was a one time opportunity I wouldn't miss.

My husband and children were with me. I knew they were kind a embarassed but not shocked. They know that I'm not the shy type of person, and they know just like BDO, "I find ways".

Salamat Gerald, mukha ka talagang mabait. Salamat din at nasalo mo ako, kundi bali ang buto ko, hahahaha!

Check out this video I captured... 

"If you have the opportunity to play this game of life 
you need to appreciate every moment. 
a lot of people don't appreciate the moment until it's passed." 
 - Kanye West


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