May 29, 2016

mesohyal® by mesoestetic®

Do you dread the signs of aging on your skin? Are you worried about the appearance of fine expression lines on your face?  The truth is over time, the skin stops producing hyaluronic acid, so the lack thereof results to the breakdown of skin tissue that leaves the skin dull and hoary. Hyaluronic acid is a transparent substance produced by our bodies that’s abundant in one’s skin tissue. It connects fibres giving the skin a smooth and firm appearance, and is known to retain large amounts of liquid.
Mesohyal, the solution to younger looking skin.

In aesthetic medicine, Hyaluronic acid is used as collagen booster to smoothen creases and wrinkles. It is injected directly into the areas suffering from dryness, where there are no muscles.
Mesoestetic, a Spanish brand and an international leader in the cosmetic medicine sector, launched an extensive range of medical skin care and luxury products about two decades ago, and has never stopped innovating the industry since then.

Mesohyal Hyaluronic, is just one of their facial, sun, and body treatments. It contains high concentration of Hyaluronic acid in gel form, obtained through bio-fermentation. It is perfect to hydrate and firm up a patient’s skin. Mesohyal Hyaluronic is not a filler, but it enhances the effects of fillers and botulinium toxin when used simultaneously.

Mesotherapy is the medical technique used by Mesoestetic to infuse the active ingredients of its products, by way of intradermal microinjections . This practice was first used by Dr Michel Pistor in France in the 1960s.

It was initially used only to treat pain and other diseases, but it was not long until its usefulness in aesthetic medicine was discovered.
Its popularity spread quickly throughout Europe because it is a safe, effective, and minimally invasive technique. As well as giving extremely good results, it is a complementary technique, which is perfectly compatible with other aesthetic treatments.
mesoestetic® presents mesohyal®
the latest generation of injectable products for mesotherapy treatments

Mesoestetic products are available in most dermatology clinics and skin care centers nationwide.
Eiskin Laboratories, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Mesoestetic.
For inquiries you may contact (02)654-7176 or mobile number: 0919-5674959
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