June 18, 2016

Di Na Muli

There are songs that hits you right in the spot - the heart! One example is that of Adele's Someone Like You; it was a big hit because people can relate to the pain and regrets behind the song.

Last night I got to hear a song, a filipino song to be exact, Di Na Muli by Jazz Nicolas and Wally Acolola, interpreted by the Itchyworms featuring Jazz Nicolas; Karl Gaurano and Daryl Reyes. Di Na Muli is an entry for PhilPop 2016.  The song made me cry, ika nga, tagos sa puso!   

I'm overwhelmed by the fact that Tita Jo and I were hired to be a part of Di Na Muli's music video. Tita Jo played a loving wife who's dying of cancer, while I played a loving and understanding mom to a 'pasaway na anak'.  Much appreciation goes to Cherry, Eunice, Direk Tonyo, Angel, KC for the clothes and the rest of the gang.

The final music video will come out on July for PhilPop 2016. Fot now, I hope you'll find time listening to this heart-wrenching, kapupultan ng aral na kanta, Di Na Muli.

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