June 21, 2016

Johnson Health Tech Inc Philippines

Taiwan’s fitness equipment manufacturer Johnson Health Tech. Co., Ltd. has finally set up an office in the Philippines as it sees opportunities to grow the business in the country. To welcome one of the industry's leading manufacturers, award-winning cardio and strength products, Johnson Health Tech Inc Philippines was launched today at Fairmont Hotel in Makati.

Katsuya Ito, regional sales manager at Johnson Health Tech said “There is great potential here in the Philippines. It is a very large market and there is a growing middle class. There is also a very rich, strong fitness culture here. People like to work out…As they get more wealthy and have more money to spend, obviously, we hope they will spend money on fitness equipment or maybe join a fitness club and that will grow the fitness club industry, the whole market. The company will employ an initial five to six local staff to start its operations and but will be hiring more in the future as the business grows and the firm opens retail stores for the sale of its fitness equipment. The target is to open at least five stores in the country by the end of next year.

Established in 1975, Johnson Health Tech specializes in design, production and marketing of fitness equipment. The company’s products are sold in 60 countries and are marketed to commercial, specialty and home-use markets. In the Philippines, the company started selling its products in 2010 through distributors. 

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