June 17, 2016

Long Sleeves Cotton Shirt

Recently, I visited a popular clothing store and bought three long sleeves cotton shirt. All of the shirts have the same style but comes in three different colors.  I like the light feel on the skin and how it perfectly fit my petite frame but I had no idea how to wear these  long sleeves cotton shirt in three different occasions so I had to get help and say  yescatalogues to do the works for me.

And this is how I happily and comfortably worn it....

Long sleeves cotton shirt, denim jeans and black coat for tea appreciation at a newly opened hotel.

Long sleeves cotton shirt, black tights, rubber beach shoes and hat to complete the farm girl look

Long sleeves cotton shirt, distressed pants, open toe rubber slippers
for a relax vibe as I read the news paper at the tour of virtual offices in Makati

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