June 30, 2016


Fact is I'm not a typical woman who goes ga-ga over bags. Most of my bags are given by my husband. Some are given by my sister-in-law Peth, my friends and my brother Jubert. Though not a bag collector, I do appreciate bags that uses recycled and indigenous materials from the Philippines, and are made by Filipinos.  

I first saw Stella Bags at Mela Sison's FB posts and I instantly like 'em. When Mela invited me for a Stella Bags charity sale, I dropped all other appointments to be there and see if Stella bags are truly stylish even without Mela  carrying it. Why did I say that? Well, Mela is a fashion and lifestyle icon ! 

Meeting the designer, Ms. Maristela Fernandez, and learning how she started STELLA Bag was a privilege. STELLA Bag only started last October 2015 but it has gain so much attention from people.

With Ma'am Maristel Fernandez, Designer of STELLA Bag

The intimate charity sale was held at Stella Wood-Fired Bistro, where electable food is served.

Will Stella Bag look good on me the way it looks with Mela?  Will it provide my basic requirements before buying a bag?  Yes, Stella Bags fulfilled my "will I buy this bag checklist", namely: 

1.  It is light to carry

2.  Spacious enough for all my bulky stuff

3.  Chic and can be used for all occasions.

4.  It is easy to clean

5.  Sturdy

6.  Can be customized according to your preference and mood (it can be funky, simple, classic, bejewelled or not)

7.   Proudly Philippine-made

8.  The growing demand for STELLA Bag creates jobs for local hand weavers and earn more and sustain their livelihood.

Even Jolina Magdangal and Max of GMA 7 agrees that STELLA bag is a must have for bag-a-holics!

It was great meeting Mela's friends, Joy Meneses and Gemma Batoon!

With Mela, Joy Meneses and Gemma Batoon

Now, to answer the question, "Will Stella Bag look good on me the way it looks with Mela?"

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