June 18, 2016


My youngest son is a certfied Pokemon collector. He's got Pokemon cards, toys, shirts and other stuff. For his shirts, we go at UNIQLO for its high-quality and fun designs that Juancho definitely love.
This red UNIQLO Pokemon shirt is Juancho's most favorite. 
Photo taken at the recently concluded TOYCON 2016. 

UNIQLO KIDS Line is designed to let children move freely anywhere they are   and   whatever   they do.   The   collection   is   made  to deliver ultimate comfort, perfect for recreational games and active sports. UNIQLO also ensures safety by providing features that will keep them away from harm. 

UNIQLO Kids Collection also offers full range of everyday LifeWear essentials with  This includes easy pants,graphic shirts, innerwear hoodies and more.Regardless of the weather, children love to run and play. Keep them drythis   rainy   season   by   getting   UNIQLO   Kids   Jacket.   Jackets   for   kids   are conveniently  portable  as  it is  easy  to  pack. The  hoods  are cordless  to avoid accidents and choking hazards. Best   to   be   worn   when   kids   play   in   the   evening   or   at   night   time   are UNIQLO shirts. Shirts now have  more reflectors, enabling the parent to track their kids easier. Match it with bottoms that have easy open zippers,making it more convenient to wear. 

For more information on UNIQLO Kids Line, consumers may visit UNIQLOPhilippines’   website   at  www.uniqlo.com/ph  and   social   media   accounts, Facebook   (facebook.com/uniqlo.ph),   Twitter   (twitter.com/uniqloph)   and Instagram (Instagram.com/uniqlophofficial).

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