July 31, 2016

Masquerade Themed Party

A masquerade ball (or bal masqué) is an event in which the participants attend in costume wearing a mask.  This is usually a formal and an elegant affair for adults.  It was in the 15th century when this kind of party started.

A masquerade theme party is actually  fun for a kid party.  This is what my niece, Len did for her daughter's7th Birthday Party held last July 30, 2016 at Edades Tower and Garden Villas, Rockwell Center, Makati City.

Saya, the birthday girl with her mom Len
A Masquerade Party is full of anticipation – deciding from invitation to giveaways, food, venue and what to wear. You don't have to break your budget though if you want Masquerade Theme Party for your child. You can actually to do it yourself. Here are some of my party tips and ideas

1. Make an invitation shaped as masks. We may be living in a high tech era but sending a personalized invite creates more fun and glamour.

2. Set the mood and make the venue feel like you're in the 15th century by decorating with candles in all shapes and sizes. To be safe, a battery operated led-candle is the best alternative if you're throwing this kind of party for children.

3. A masquerade party always involve colors like royal blue with canary yellow or gold, black, gold and red; purple and green, black and white or black, white and silver. Use drapes of silk or velvet to cover up tables. Hang masks on walls or create centerpieces with them. Sprinkle glitter and sequins on table.

4. Encourage, politely ask your guests to join the spirit by wearing masks, or you can provide the masks if your budget permits.
5. Children are easy to please when it comes to food, pizza, spaghetti, chips, friend chicken are always a hit. For dessert, consider a chocolate fountain and serve cubed fruits, marshmallows and biscuits on the side.

6. Buy a cd or download on your iPod songs as Vivaldi’s Four Seasons or anything by Mozart and Beethoven. 
7. Enhance the mystery and secrecy by creating mystery game like find the items hidden within the party area.

8.  You can also prepare your child to have a special waltz dance number
9.  Give away a prize for the best costume of the night.
1o.  Souvenirs, tokens and giveaways must also have a masquerade touch. Fill a bag full of treats and decorate the bag with a mask drawing.

If you're too busy to prepare, feel free to email me at joydamendiola@yahoo.com
and let Occasions of Joy Events help you create a fun Masquerade Themed Party.

July 30, 2016

So Easy Life Changing Program

If you are looking for a safe and effective weight loss program, join Wellness Worx International at Makati Sports Club on August 13, 2016 on a forum entitled "So Easy Life Changing Program". 

This event aims to help people especially those who wants to lose weight and discover their unhealthy lifestyle and what they can do about it. Self discovery about one’s lifestyle which could make you lose weight, detoxify and decrease risk to developing obesity and other lifestyle-related illnesses.

The forum not only offers a fun and interactive lecture but also a 3 day so easy colon cleansing program. It is thorough and cleansing program that is very effective in promoting weight loss. It is a complete diet program that replaces all regular meals. No need to worry because it provides the body with essential nutrients that is necessary for weight loss.

The main speaker will be Ms Cheshire Que, a registered nutritionist-dietitian and a registered nurse. Im the chief nutrition officer of Wellness Worx International, Inc.

The program fee is P9,990.  If you avail on or before August 5,  a P1,000 is offered. 

The forum is a 3 part series which has the following topics -- mindful eating, mindful movement and coping and stress management. All are effective topics to prevent obesity and other lifestyle related illnesses.  

Lifestyle Changing Forum is a three month  (3-part series) program that will tackle different topics such as:

Mindful Eating (first month):
Assess lifestyle eating patterns - What type of eater are you?
Learn to identify types of hunger
Learn about practical methods of correcting wrong eating patterns

Mindful Movement (second month):
Assess exercise lifestyle patterns - What motivates or hinders you to exercise?
Energy balance: calories in and calories out
Strategies for various exercise patterns

Coping and Stress Management (3rd month):
Assess coping lifestyle pattern - Are you an emotional eater or a doubtful dieter?
Learn coping styles and flexibility
Strategies for coping with stress without adding extra pounds
The Art of Mindful Breathing and Scheduling Your Snooze

a. 3 boxes of So Easy Colon Cleanse with Wheatgrass Product
b. 1 kilo of Wheatgrass Power Plus 
c. So Easy items (tumbler, shirt and other freebies)
d. Registered nutritionist-dietitians will discuss the product and topics related to weight loss and health in general.

For more details on So Easy Life Changing Forum, call Ruth at 890-1111, 0917-569-3279, 
0905-575-7799, 0998-966-7284 or email at orders@gbiholdings.com.

July 29, 2016

Cake Decorating with Chef Penk Ching at The Maya Kitchen

Last Saturday  I was able to attend Cake Decorating with Chef Penk Ching at Maya Kitchen, where Chef Penk Ching had a live demonstration of not just cake decorating but also how to cook Pata Tim (one of my favorite viand!)

 With Maya products, baking and cooking become easier, fun, and more delicious!

For baking and cooking classes and schedules:

The Maya Kitchen
Address: 835 Pasay Road, Makati
Phone: (02) 892 1185

July 28, 2016

Jeunesse Anion Fun, Food, and Fitness Event

Four event invites on the same date and time, with four different venues, I decided to say yes to Jeunesse Anion Fun, Food, and Fitness Event because I am a Jeunesse Anion user.

Jeunesse Anion has partnered with Marriott Hotel Manila to freshen up those habits and stay motivated with an hour of Zumba and exciting demo of healthy one-pan meals, courtesy of Simply Cereal, Doña Elena Olive Oils, Clara Ole, and Al Dente Pasta. 

Great that I chose this event because I saw my favorite Nutritionist Cheshire Que, favorite DJ Jamie Fournier and favorite Zumba instructress Regine Tolentino.

DJ Jamie Fournier 

Nutritionist Cheshire Que

Zumba instructress and host Regine Tolentino

Always a joy to meet my tukayo and favorite food blogger Joy Felizardo of Gastronomy by Joy.
Also happy to meet Blogger Laura from Kenya

Jeunesse Anion stays true to its advocacy – to provide sanitary pads and liners that help to do more for your wellness, by empowering women to get into the habit with practical healthy living upgrades. As a mid-year treat to all hard working moms,

Regine Tolentino, the country’s “Dance Diva,” and a strong influencer in the dance fitness industry who proves that it’s one of the best ways to recharge our batteries. Regine is a licensed Zumba® and U-Jam® Fitness instructor, and certified by the AFAA (Athletic and Fitness Association of America).

Apart from hosting, Regine is also an actress, designer, entrepreneur and a mother to two adorable children while a host for several TV shows where she teaches dance and promotes healthy lifestyle change. If you’re wondering how she does all these without getting tired, it’s simple – she just loves looking beautiful, feeling healthy, and staying fit. Dancing is Regine’s way of keeping that tip-top shape!

Exercising to music like doing Zumba has loads of physical and mental benefits including improved condition of heart and lungs, increased muscular strength and tone, while reduces risks of osteoporosis and heart attack. Attending Zumba classes not only develops healthier body, it also helps moms become socially active, increasing emotional power. Much more, we love its mood-boosting benefits as it favors the release of endorphins that helps us melt not only fats but also PMS symptoms like moodiness. 

About Chef Len Santos-Ding:

Chef Len started catering when she was 19 while taking up BS HRA in UP Diliman. She enhanced her food knowledge and skills, and finished a two-year culinary program at CCA Manila. From then on, she continued to promote nutritious meals recipes but not intimidating for the family. Her love for nourishing food has shaped her lifestyle and it’s the same motivation that drives her to efficiently manage their family catering business Feed 5000. Len also teaches at Heny Sison Culinary School, contributes recipes to Yummy magazine, and holds regular cooking and baking workshops in Feed 5000 Kitchen Studio at Ayala Alabang Village. On top of her many jobs, Len is a super mom and like many others, she only wants the best for her family and loved ones. She prepares foods that are high in nutritive value, infused with antioxidants and good fats. “If your body is not starved for nutrition, it doesn’t crave junk food,” adds Len.

July 27, 2016

Sarah Lahbati for Nido Check The Label

Yesterday at Todd English Food Hall in SM Aura, Sarah Lahbati for Nido Check The Label was launched as the new endorser.

Lending her voice and support to the campaign is proud NIDO® 3+ mommy, Sarah Lahbati. Having experienced the same challenge when it was time for her to choose a growing-up milk for Zion when he turned three, the first-time mom learned that the best way for her to make a decision was to do research herself and check the labels on her options. And by precisely checking the label, Sarah Lahbati is assured that she made the right choice with NIDO® 3+.

Photo source: Tetcha (in black) of Pensive Thoughts

With the ever nice Deni Rose Afinidad Bernardo of Daily Tribune
They say mothers know best but sometimes, even mothers need help when it comes to making the right decisions for their child, especially when it comes to their health. It is normal for moms to seek child care advice and parenting tips from experts as well as from family and friends with parental experience. However, there will be instances when they would end up more confused and less confident to make a decision after hearing varying recommendations or contradicting views. 

NIDO® 3+ launches #CheckTheLabel, an educational campaign to encourage mothers to read and have a better understanding of food labels, so they can make smarter and healthier choices for their child. By checking the label, moms can verify nutritional claims, compare brands, and choose which one offers the best value for money.

How to read food labels:

When checking food labels, take a look at the ingredients which are listed in the order of highest to lowest quantity. Watch out for health-sensitive ingredients such as sugar, salt, saturated fat, and sodium. When it comes to these, moderation is always key to better prevent the risk of obesity, diabetes, and other lifestyle-related diseases. 

Next, review the nutrition facts. It is important to go through each one to determine whether or not a particular food product meets the daily nutritional requirements of children, especially during their crucial growing-up years. Knowing the nutritional content can determine if a child is eating a healthy, balanced diet. 

Another good reason to check the label is to identify nutrients that are unique to a brand. Not all food products like milk are created the same, so choose the one that provides for your child’s needs, and more.  

Developed by the best of Nestlé Research, NIDO® 3+ is the only milk brand with Lactobacillus PROTECTUS®, millions and millions of live good bacteria that maintain the balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut, which in turn help strengthen the immune system. This unique probiotic can be found in every glass of NIDO® 3+ along with other essential nutrients such as: Prebio® 3, indigestible fibers that serve as food for good bacteria to grow and survive; DHA, ALA, LA and Taurine to support proper brain structure; and high levels of vitamins A, D, Calcium and Zinc to support overall growth and development.

Everyone will have opinions on what will be best for your child. So how do you really know what is best for him? Simple—#CheckMoMuna, #CheckTheLabel!

For more information, visit www.lakingamazing.ph 

July 26, 2016

Light Network Special Coverage of President Duterte's First State of the Nation Address

I've been to ABS CBN many times. Guested at GMA, TV5, Lifestyle Network and UNTV.  Earlier today I was at LIGHT NETWORK Channel 33, Magaan Dito Kaibigan as media partner for the Special Coverage of President Duterte's First State of the Nation Address (SONA).

Fr L-R Senator Rene Saguisag, Ms. Etta Rosales, Mr. Mari Kaimo, Ms. Claire Delfin,
Dean Amado Valdez and Atty. Jeremiah Belgica

We stayed for a long time inside Light Network but it was worth it because I got to see my favorite senator - Senator Rene Saguisag

Senator Rene Saguisag

Guests with co bloggers Leomy, John, Cie and Reylen

Mr. Mari Kaimo

Ms. Etta Tosales

Host Claire Delfin
www.lightnetwork.ph and www.facebook.com/LightNetwork