July 25, 2016


I would like to take this opportunity to extend my most sincere apologies to all those who joined my Beatles Bootleg Contest. Although I have contacted and privately messaged the winner last July 11, I didn't announce the winner  (as promised in this blog) because of the confusion from Tag Media. 

When I attended Tag Media's invite to promote Beatles Bottleg last May 2016, bloggers were promised that 2 tickets each will be provided, but that the tickets were not printed yet, as such, it will be given as soon as the tickets are available.

I won't be able to attend the concert because the show was going to be held on my birthday so I immediately called up all my senior citizen aunts and uncles so they can have my 2 seats. None of them wanted to go at Resorts World Manila so I decided to give the two tickets away as a contest for my blog readers

I privately messaged Grace Nicolas about this contest and she agreed that the tickets will be transferred to my contest winner and that I will give her the name of the winner, and that the winner will claim it on the night of the concert.

To cut the long and agonizing story, the tickets were not given. Grace Nicolas said that the tickets are not with her, it's not her obligation but that of Redstone Productions, I have to wait in line if there will be tickets left, and that the tickets are none transferable.

As I remember it well, it was Tag Media who invited the bloggers, hence it is Tag Media who's responsible for securing that bloggers get their respective tickets for whatever circumstances. Unfortunately, on my case, the tickets were not given.

For whatever reason why  this unfortunate event happened, I take full responsibility and would like to, again, apologize to my readers who took time in joining the said contest. I hope that you won't get tired visiting this site.

As for the winner, Ms. Jen Dela Cruz, thank you for understanding the situation.  I shall make it up to you in the nearest possible and most convenient time for you.

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  1. Aw. . Thank you so much, mommy Joy. I perfectly understand that it was not your fault. Things happen for a reason. Baka may terrorist sa RW that day. HAHA. Kidding aside. No worries, I'll just join again next time. :)

  2. same predicament. although i have to sell mine at a very low prize to one of the "insiders". i just cant get over the fact and the feeling na ngkabentahan kasi ng sold out. what about the time na mega help tayo sa promo tapos ganun na lng. and dnt talk about media pass because it was not mentioned on days na nagkukumahog na mga insiders sa pgbuy ng tickets. ang ending ibabalik ko pa bayad dun sa binentahan ko. such greedy people!


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