July 16, 2016

Farewell Jennifer Gonzales Roxas

I like the numbers 143 because it represents I love you. But take away 1 and I already hate the next two numbers.  There's something about number 43 that I do not like. I lost my mom when she was just 43. 

This day I lost a dear lady very close to my heart.  She's just 43. Too young to leave her husband and 3 sons. 

We met at an FGD. She added me in FB. Brought her to an event. Encouraged her to blog. We became friends. We were like high school buddies havin' so much fun. 

The very first event we were together.
We were inseparable. Even our respective husbands and children became close.  We were like one big family. I organized events just for us. It was like our lives revolved on us. Nothin' else mattes at that time.

Somethin' happened along the way. Tampuhan, miscommunication blown out of proportion. I left the group because I was hurting. I grieved in silence for a year for the loss of friendship. I knew Jen was hurting as much I did. We lived our separate lives, meeting occasionally at events but never talking.

I had no quarrel with Jen, it was not her whom I had tampo. So I approached her, danced with her at a Katy Perry event to her surprise.

Then I was tagged for a campaign #FightJenny, she was rushed in the hospital 2 weeks ago. I visited her at 6am. We cried. Apologies given and accepted. The doctors gave a green light for Jen to go home. She was ok. I told her "magpalakas ka, we're going to have a big event". But then just today, she's gone.

Farewell Jennifer Gonzales Roxas.  Goodbye my dear 'Day Jen. You shall be missed but never forgotten. My deepest sympathy to Cesar, Ian, Carl, Cocoy and all of Jen's family.


  1. Sorry to hear such news. She's too young to depart early. If you don't mind asking what caused her untimely death Ms. Joy?


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