July 8, 2016

Imagine that!

I used to hope that I was born a boy when I was a kid. I envied my brother for being able to play outside as much as he wanted when we were in elementary. 

In high school, Kuya was allowed to party up to 12 without chaperone, while I was only allowed to party up to 9pm with my two younger siblings in tow. Imagine that!

I also wish I was a boy when I started having dysmmenhorea during monthly period. Every month I had to endure the pain for 3 days. Imagine that!

I had forgotten my wish to be a boy when I met my husband and gave birth to my kids. 

Until last week at LTO...

I was called by the encoder to come inside the office. I was hesitant at first because I knew it was trouble. I've been driving since 1998 but it was the first I was told to go inside the encoder's room. The encoder was telling me to bring my birth certificate. Of course I got mad. Why would I do that, and then she showed me this:

I finally got my wish to become a boy! Imagine that!

Although there was an error in encoding my gender, I applaud LTO for their improvement in service. I finished renewing my license in just 2 hours. I also like that they abolished urine test. But I hope they buy a proper cover for eye test. 

The day was made fun as I met nice people.

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