July 4, 2016

In Love with Gray

Gray or grey is  an extremely versatile color that one can wear whole year round. Gray goes well with almost every other color. Although I like gray a lot and I have so many clothes in different shades of grey, I only use them when we go to cold places like Baguio, Tagaytay and hotels.  

For lack of ironed clothes last March for  Sarah Geronimo's event, I wore my wool gray shirt dress. Some of co-bloggers said  I look good that day.  Was it because gray goes well with my skin tone?  


When I went to interview my all time favorite Bamboo for The Voice Kids, he was wearing gray!


I started to be comfortable wearing gray when I saw Millie Manahan at Siglo Moderne Filipino.

Touches of gray, with Millie Manahan of When in Manila and her friend.

Then at Hukad sa Golden Cowrie last week, Jen Aspacio was so cool wearing gray shirt dress and boots!
Photo not mine, it's Jens, taken by her husband 
Jen inspired me so when I got home I rummaged through my closet and ironed all my gray clothes! Seriously, I ironed them all because I'm now in love with gray!

At Midori Hotel and Casino's Soft Launch I wore my super old gray shirtdress. I posted it on Facebook today, which earned 300+ likes already! Expect more OOTD in gray clothes in my next posts (wink!wink).

Gray shirtdress

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