July 30, 2016

So Easy Life Changing Program

If you are looking for a safe and effective weight loss program, join Wellness Worx International at Makati Sports Club on August 13, 2016 on a forum entitled "So Easy Life Changing Program". 

This event aims to help people especially those who wants to lose weight and discover their unhealthy lifestyle and what they can do about it. Self discovery about one’s lifestyle which could make you lose weight, detoxify and decrease risk to developing obesity and other lifestyle-related illnesses.

The forum not only offers a fun and interactive lecture but also a 3 day so easy colon cleansing program. It is thorough and cleansing program that is very effective in promoting weight loss. It is a complete diet program that replaces all regular meals. No need to worry because it provides the body with essential nutrients that is necessary for weight loss.

The main speaker will be Ms Cheshire Que, a registered nutritionist-dietitian and a registered nurse. Im the chief nutrition officer of Wellness Worx International, Inc.

The program fee is P9,990.  If you avail on or before August 5,  a P1,000 is offered. 

The forum is a 3 part series which has the following topics -- mindful eating, mindful movement and coping and stress management. All are effective topics to prevent obesity and other lifestyle related illnesses.  

Lifestyle Changing Forum is a three month  (3-part series) program that will tackle different topics such as:

Mindful Eating (first month):
Assess lifestyle eating patterns - What type of eater are you?
Learn to identify types of hunger
Learn about practical methods of correcting wrong eating patterns

Mindful Movement (second month):
Assess exercise lifestyle patterns - What motivates or hinders you to exercise?
Energy balance: calories in and calories out
Strategies for various exercise patterns

Coping and Stress Management (3rd month):
Assess coping lifestyle pattern - Are you an emotional eater or a doubtful dieter?
Learn coping styles and flexibility
Strategies for coping with stress without adding extra pounds
The Art of Mindful Breathing and Scheduling Your Snooze

a. 3 boxes of So Easy Colon Cleanse with Wheatgrass Product
b. 1 kilo of Wheatgrass Power Plus 
c. So Easy items (tumbler, shirt and other freebies)
d. Registered nutritionist-dietitians will discuss the product and topics related to weight loss and health in general.

For more details on So Easy Life Changing Forum, call Ruth at 890-1111, 0917-569-3279, 
0905-575-7799, 0998-966-7284 or email at orders@gbiholdings.com.

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