July 6, 2016

“SUICIDE INCORPORATED” - A Play to Help Raise Mental Awareness

I was hesitant to attend the media preview of  “SUICIDE INCORPORATED” - A Play to Help Raise Mental Awareness last night because of the many factors. First, it was raining. Second, I'm not familiar with the venue. Third and most important of all, how will I feature this play? Will it fit the audience of this blog?  How can a theater company help raise mental health awareness by staging a play that tackles the theme of depression, suicidal tendencies and suicide itself? I had questions, so many questions that almost stopped me from watching the uncommon topic they presented.

The stage. At the beginning, I wondered how they can make a great play in a small stage like this.
Lo and behold, the play surely captured the hearts and minds of the audience.

Presented by Twin Bill Theater,  “SUICIDE INCORPORATED”, eye-opening production aimed to shed light and raise awareness on mental health issues to its audiences in --- a 2010 tragicomedy by brilliant Off- Broadway playwright Andrew Hinderaker.


It is a must see play for parents, teachers, guidance councilors, principals, sisters, brothers, friends. In short, people in all walks of life, because it will open your mind and will understand more about the taboo world of suicide. The play made me laugh, cry and made me understand my children and all the people around me.

Recommended for ages 15+ due to strong language, and sexual references. With a running time of 1 hour and 20 minutes with no intermission.


Imagine a world where a company that edits suicide notes exists.  Now imagine being part of that company. SUICIDE INCORPORATED centers around   a   company   that   makes   money   by   rafting   suicide   notes.   The business is Hallmark gone Wall Street, turning a profit by bullishly pushing its clients to perform the unspeakable. The CEO speaks, in an advertiser’stongue, about cornering the market by targeting those suicide victims least likely to leave notes: Men. It turns out all these men are emotional mice when it comes to discussing matters of the self.

Six topnotch actors coming from different theater backgrounds have bonded together to essay the pivotal roles in this dark comedy exploring the perils of depression, coping with loss, guilt and redemption, 
HANS  ECKSTEIN   shall  play  the  role   of  Jason,  the   newest  hire  of Legacy Letters.
BIBO REYES plays the role of Tommy, Jason's younger brother who, much like Jason,
as some secrets of his own. 
JEREMY   DOMINGO   plays   Scott, the   CEO   and   owner   of   Legacy Letters
MAKO  ALONSO plays  the role of Norm, Jason's first client. (GEORGE  SCHULZE  shall alternately  play Norm)
CHINO  VEGUILLAS  shall  play  the   role of Perry,
Scott's   ever  loyal employee and the office kiss-ass.  
Twin brothers Francis   Matheu   (Production Manager) and Joseph Matheu (Lighting Design) are the producers under Twin Bill Theater, the company aims to produce shows that  explore   and  challenge   issues   faced   by   today’s  society. As   its   first official play for their first season, the founders led by theater professionals Joseph and Francis Matheu also noted that their goals are also focused on stirring   up   the   public’s   interest   to   rediscover,   love   and   preserve   our historical,   cultural   and   spiritual   values   through   theater;   and   to   make quality, thought-provoking productions more accessible to the non-theater going public. 
The   artistic  team  of   “Suicide  Incoporated”   are  as  follows:   Steven Conde (Director), Ed Lacson (Set Design), Jay Pangilinan (Sound Design), and Joseph Matheu (Lighting Design).The   production   team   includes:   Francis   Matheu   (Production Manager),   Leoren   Violan   (Stage   Manager   and   Graphic   Design),   Toots Tolentino   (Publicity),   Juliene   Mendoza   (Photography),   and   Kathleen Francisco (Marketing).
The play dates of “Suicide Incorporated” are as follows: 

JULY 15 – FRI –   8 PM 
JULY 16 – SAT – 8 PM
JULY 17 – SUN – 3 PM 
JULY 22 – FRI –   8 PM
JULY 23 – SAT – 8 PM 
JULY 24 – SUN – 3 PM
JULY 29 -  FRI --- 8 PM
JULY 30 – SAT --- 3 PM / 8 PM
JULY 31 -  SUN --- 3 PM 

Venue: The P.A.R.C (Performing Arts and Recreation Center)  494 Lt. Artiaga Street, San Juan

You can get your   tickets   at https://goo.gl/bwsLkF, Call or txt at 0927-460-4652 or 0916-775-9374.

Suicide Incorporated is presented by special arrangement with Playscripts Inc. (www.playscripts.com).

To know more about Twin Bill, https://www.facebook.com/twinbilltheater   or   visit     website,:www.twinbilltheater.com.  Instagram): @twinbilltheater.

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