August 15, 2016

HP Spectre

It was a rainy-traffic night last week as HP® Philippines, Inc. unveiled its latest fleet of premium laptops through A Tasteful Edge, a launch event held at Anima in Green Sun. Led by its flagship model, HP Spectre—the world’s thinnest and most luxurious laptop—the affair showcased the inspiration behind HP’s successful reinvention of a laptop obsession: the marriage of premium engineering and tasteful design.

The event was hosted by my favorite Tessa Prieto Valdez and headlined by multi-awarded furniture designer and manufacturer Kenneth Cobonpue who exhibited his ingenious works and shared his personal creative process in coming up with his masterpieces. Famous for integrating hand-crafted natural materials into modern design, Cobonpue has gloriously elevated the concept of furniture—from a mere functional household necessity into an exceptional piece of art.

As an innovative artist and a tastemaker, Cobonpue complements HP’s thrust of providing premium lifestyle companions through a combination of elegant craftsmanship and cutting-edge engineering. The unveiling of the HP Spectre, mounted on one of Cobonpue’s display pieces, further exemplified the perfect union of the products’ shared ingenuity.

“Apart from the materials used, a product’s superior quality lies on the ingenious way it was constructed,” said Cobonpue. “In creating a luxurious masterpiece, you integrate different elements to form a singular, innovative product. Then you further polish it to make it more artisan than manufactured.”

As extensions of one’s self, personal devices can represent one’s taste for either stylish design or unmatched functional qualities. And with the evolving landscape of tech innovation, HP looks to put a premium on the laptop experience by revolutionizing design and engineering, and turning them into a breakthrough, luxurious package.

Just recently, 

“HP’s premium line of laptops, especially the HP Spectre, is the integration of inspired craftsmanship, sophisticated lifestyle design, and functional ingenuity,” said Albert Mateo, Jr., HP® Philippines, Inc. country manager. “Like a precious piece of jewelry, they take the laptop experience to a whole new level, providing an edge on tasteful elegance and efficiency through exceptional design and engineering.”

Reinvent obsession with HP Spectre: 

Tagged as one of HP’s best inventions, the HP Spectre is a design breakthrough with state-of-the-art engineering, created to serve as an efficient everyday tool and an eye-catching extension of one’s self.

With a hidden piston hinge mechanism, people on-the-go are in for a treat with Spectre’s 10.4mm and 2.49lbs super-thin, seamless design illusion fit for optimum mobility. It is more artisan than manufactured, captured by its ash gray aluminum top cover and the bold use of lux copper metal accent for a warmer, more jewelry-like companion.
Machined-in are 13.3-inch, full HD gorilla glass display and a pair of Bang and Olufsen speakers, aimed to supply movie and music enthusiasts with a complete audio-visual experience packed in an elegant laptop.

Most of all, I enjoyed the night because Jen Aspacio was there, too!

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