August 20, 2016

The Maya Kitchen One Pot Cooking at The Rockwell Club

The Maya Kitchen One Pot Cooking at Palm Grove in Rockwell Club was a fun and easy cooking workshop with Chef Chari Cano where we learned to make chocolate cake using rice cooker. Yes, you read it right, RICE COOKER! Other recipes we've learned, Mongolian Chicken and Pork Stew, Tofu and Mushroom Vegetables and Vegetable Risotto.

To know more about baking and cooking workshops, 
contact The Maya Kitchen at (02) 892 1185  
Address: 835 Pasay Road, Makati 


  1. Fast, easy to prepare and looks yummy, brilliantly cooked only in the rice cooker.

  2. Wow, my cousin Chef Chari Cano! I missed this one.

  3. Thanks Tukayo for dragging me here, was surprised how easy the recipe was.


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