August 4, 2016


Four important people in our family has a birthday on August 4, namely, Lola Cynthia, Tita Nor, niece Charlize and my brother Jubert. All of them are close to my heart but the closest is my younger brother Jubert, whom we fondly call Nonoy.

 Nonoy in Bicol means little boy, by the way.

I was the youngest of four children for 7 years until Nonoy was born.  I was so happy when my brother came, not because I have someone to pinch and put the blame on broken stuff at home (lol) but because I wanted to know the feeling of being an older sister.

I love my younger brother so much because we've shared so many "lakwatsa" when we were young. When Mama passed away in 1993, I felt I wasn't his siter anymore but Nonoy's mother. Nowadays, I feel like he is my older brother (not because he is bald and looks older than I, wink!wink!) but because he has matured a lot. We, the older siblings, often times  ask his opinions on matters at hand.

I'm proud being ate to him because even at a young age he was already a smart and intelligent boy. Today, Nonoy is the Country Head of IDC. He has graced and facilitated numerous trainings, seminars and talks on Information Technology here and abroad. He also guested in some television shows that tackles relevant issues on Information Technology and the likes.

Happy 36th birthday, my dear brother!

After 5 years, Mama and Papa made another baby - that's our youngest sis, Liz, on the left.


  1. Wooowoooo! Happy birthday, Jub! You are super blessed!

  2. I love looking at old photos because it brings back a lot of good memories. Thanks for sharing them, Joy! God bless you and your family!


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