August 23, 2016


It took me awhile to finish reading THE INTUITIVE WITHIN, an interactive handbook that helps re-discover ones inner self and passion. The book is written by Robert Rubin, the Founder of Mysterium Philippines and well-known tarot reader.

I'm highly recommending this  book to any one who can't seem to find what he or she is looking for. Maybe because it is high time for you to tap that intuitive within. Hard bound colored edition is P1499.99 and Paper back (black and white) is only P899.99.

Intuitive Within is an easy read, it enables one to connect to the author and it feels like your just talking to a friend who knows exactly what to say at the end of every conversation.

This book is a tool to help one unlock full potential to be able to live life to its full potential.

I like that this book starts every chapter with quotes. On the other hand, I like putting quotes at the end of my post. 

by Robert Rubin
Hard bound colored edition is P1499.99
Paper back black and white is P899.99
To order text/call 0916-551-1824 

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