August 14, 2016


Zenvolution, the exclusive official launch of the new Zenfone 3 series, ZenBook 3 and Transformer 3 in the Philippine market, happened earlier today at Sofitel.  The event also featured other fresh releases like the powerful ultra-sleek, ultra-slim ZenBook 3, and the three-in-one mobile PC Transformer 3 Series and many more.

Covering an event, especially on a "bumabagyong Sunday is no easy feat. Though the event was very tiring, it is a pleasure seeing my co-bloggers and my favorites Gab Valenciano and Allodia! A bonus is accidentaly meeting Engr. Eman Cochingco. Eman is the younger brother of Pehpot. Mommy Pehpot is one big name in blogosphere and she is the one responsible for putting this blog up to be seen out in the world. I am forever grateful for P's willingness to help. 

with Engr. Eman Cochingco
with Jen Aspacio, Maui Flores, Iris Pulga and Iris Acosta
With Jen Aspacio, Iris Acosta, Maui Flores, Iris Pulga and Neil Mugas
Mommy Theresa Claudio

Sol Razo, Jason Magbanua, Juancho, Allodia, Gab Valenciano

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