October 17, 2016

Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy

I'm pretty sure people know what a pharmacy is. How about Integrative Pharmacy? It was only last night that I learned about this so called Integrative Pharmacy at Apotheca, located at the G/F Euro Villa 4, 853 Arnaiz Avenue, Legaspi Village, Makati City. 

Apotheca looks more like a convenience store for me, it's just that all the food they sell, from tea, to candies, chips and more are all healthy which is really good for the whole family.

Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy is the pioneer and only pharmacy specializing in custom compounded medication licensed by the Philippine Food and Drug Administration in 2014. 

They  sell high-quality compounded prescriptions with state of the art equipment, with a strong collaboration with US affiliate, Partell Specialty Compounding Pharmacy.

They have a a concept they call the PHARMACY TRIAD (it is the practice of communication and accountability between Doctor, Patient and Pharmacist)

Hi-tech Clean Room Compounding Areas !  Product purity and consistency is a top priority !  Sterile compounding in ISO Class 5 and 7 sealed glove boxes. 

What I like most about Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy is that it is proudly a 100% Filipino owned entity.

About Compounded Medications:

Compounded medications are “made from scratch” – with individual ingredients mixed together in the  exact  strength  and  dosage  form  required  by  the  patient.  This  method  allows  the compounding pharmacist to work with the patient and the prescriber to customize a medication to meet the patient’s specific needs. – PCCA  WHY DO WE COMPOUND?  The most important reason why compounded medications are prescribed is due to “patient non-compliance”.  NON-COMPLIANCE could mean that patients are for instance, allergic to certain preservatives, dyes, and drug strengths or have problems swallowing capsules, and therefore require alternatively developed medications.  Compounding Pharmacists are able to make a variety of changes to traditional medications, including:  •  Lower levels or elimination of dyes, preservatives, etc.  •  Increased or decreased dosage strengths for infants or elderly people  •  Alternative forms of medications, such as troches, lozenges, candies, gels and liquids  •  Added flavors’ for better taste & easier ingestion   Moreover, compounding helps fill in the gap for patients who require medication that have been discontinued and may help patients who are facing a supply shortage of their normal medications.

To learn more about Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy,
you may call, Tel. 632 845.1350, 845.1350, 845.1351  |  Fax 632 553.5121  
or visit www.apotheca.com.ph,  Email at Info@apotheca.com.ph  
Business Hours:  Mondays to Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm Saturdays 8:00am – 12:00nn           

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