October 10, 2016

Escalator Etiquette

SM Supermalls launched a campaign on “escalator etiquette” last month encouraging all to stand on  theright and walk on the left.

Is it being followed? Sadly, shoppers are too busy to read the signs. Probably, it'll take some more months (wag naman sana years, lol!).


  1. Sadly, most shoppers are not abiding to the escalator etiquette. But, I have a series of evidences to prove that most of them are not keeping on the right (especially if there are barkadas).
    I hope that they will change their habit to keep right except to pass on escalators. Not only on SM, but on Ayala, Robinsons and MRT/LRT.

  2. Yes, Paul, you are right.Thanks for visiting.


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