October 16, 2016

Florentino Soriano Alberto's 75th Birthday

One of the most joyful memories of my childhood was spent at Uncle Tino and Aunt Charings home . Uncle Tino is my father's elder brother but I like to call him my other father.  He used to work as a seafarer, an engineer there to be exact. 

During Uncle Tino's vacation and as soon as he set foot in the Philippines, he'll ask my parents to allow me to stay with them for days and even weeks. Uncle Tino and Aunt Caring has 4 sons so I was considered not just a niece but a daughter.  My Kuyas - Idel, Arnel, Gilbert and Virgil were so nice to me. They made mefeel like a princess.

Earlier today in Quezon City, Uncle Tino celebrated his 75th birthday and I'm so happy and honored to have given the privilege to host (with my niece Ayee) this milestone of my most loved uncle.  

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