November 17, 2016

Act of Random Kindness

There's just so many unhappy and bad things happening around so it is a relief to see someone doing an act of random kindness to another mankind.

Last week, as I was seating pretty (an emphasis on the pretty, hehehe!) at the jeepney going to my twin kids' school, I witness this young man doing a simple thing that no other men in that jeepney did. An old lady, looking so frail (probably in her 70s) rode the jeepney. She was obviouly having difficulty riding the jeep but the other men didn't bother to move to give her the space she needed to be able to sit while the jeep moves. It was only Gian Jose who took the initiative to move. 

Para sayo, Gian, kahanga-hanga ka anak!

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." 
- Aesop

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