November 6, 2016


I was one of the bloggers who were chosen to attend the first ever Blogapalooza in 2011 (if my memory serves me right). I attended the second one but missed the succeeding Blogapalooza.

Yesterday at Novotel,  I made sure to be there even if I had 3 events to cover because I missed the fun, freebies and mostly I was excited to see co-bloggers I haven't seen in years. Special mention goes to Mommy Ruby and Mommy Sigrid who came all the way from Cagayan De Oro and Bacolod respectively.

I'm most happy because my love-bunsoy Juancho was with me as photographer, videographer and bodyguard. He wants to be a blogger just like me. Juan is such a happy boy! 

I missed the talk of Nico and Mafae Belasco. I was hoping to see Vince Golangco but I had to go early for The Maya Kitchen cooking demo of Chef Vicky Pacheco.


Blogapalooza is the Philippines' biggest B2B: Business-To-Blogger networking and marketing company.

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