November 11, 2016

Joseph's Craft Ice Cream

In all truth, eating an ice cream makes me sick in the throat. In short, I can't take too much sweet and cold food because I easily get tonsilitis. I just can't explain why Josephs Craft Ice Cream  makes it all different. Maybe because Josephs Craft Ice Cream is not that sweet. Or maybe because it is located at my favorite mall. Or maybe because when I see the smile of my children every time they have a scoop or two, their eyes sparkle with joy and they start telling me, "thanks mom you're the best!".

So it is high time I blog about Josephs Craft Ice Cream so if you happen to be in Shangri La Mall, you get to exprience why we love Josephs!

What we had: Fresh Strawbery - P190.00, Hershey's Choco - P190.00, Black Forest - P190.00, Cookies and Cream - P190.00, Banofee Pie - P190.00, and Sea Salt Caramel - P170.00.
Toppings: Almonds, Oreo, Macadamia, Malloes, Pecan, Walnut, Cashew, Dar
k Choco Chips - P25.00
Joseph's Craft Ice Cream
4th Level Shangri La Plaza
For parties and reservation 09772598608

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