December 25, 2016

Benito Turned 7

Turning 7 years old in the Philippines is quite a big thing. I don't know when and how it started, I just woke up one day seeing my friends worrying about how to throw that great big party. To tell you frankly, the simplest birthday celebration is actually the best because you parents don't have to spend and worry so much about having that perfect party. Plus, guests can go in their most comfortable clothes. Most importantly, the birthday boy or girl gets to spend his or her birthday with the people he or she loves mostin your life.

Last month as Benito Turned 7, his mom Fleur asked me to do an impromptu games. Without prep, a host must think fast, and here are the games we did, Balloon Relay, Shop for Items That Starts with The Letter B, Longest Happy Birthday - Kids Edition, Longest Happy Birthday - Moms Edition and Coin Shower.

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