December 31, 2016

Goodbye and Thank you 2016

There were a lot of unhappy memories that made me cry in 2016. We lost my father last April 9, Aunt Luding passed away in May. Mom-in-law was hospitalized due to diabetes in June. I lost a friend in July. In September, my husband was found to have cardiomyopathy. By December, my thyroid biopsy result stated "nodular hyperplasia". Nodular  hyperplasia can be benign or cancerous. 

As soon as I got the biopsy result, the doctor recommended thyroidectomy. I'm supposed to have the operation done last December 29 but decided to weigh options. 

Despite the unexpected unhappy events, The Year of the Monkey brought many good memories as well, like being a part of a winning music video Di Na Muli, tv guestings, paid blog postings, and sponsorships. Most important of all, my family became closer and more loving. 

With that said, goodbye and thank you 2016. I welcome and embrace all the best things in 2017!

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