December 18, 2016

Julia and Rafael's 14th Birthday

I had difficulty conceiving because of endometriosis so when Julia and Rafael were born on December 8, 2002, we make it a point to have thanksgiving celebration every year. 

We call it thanksgiving instead of party because we do it in a simple way - by reconizing the people they spend five days a week. Saan pa ba kundi sa school! 

Last December 8 I went to the twins school andt brought pizza for Julia and Rafael's respective sections, Flemming and Hooke. We also gave pizza to the teachers and the school satff.

Then we had a simple dinner at home with family and some friends who live nearby. The dinner was made fun with the ballon decor that my husband did. John placed a piece of paper with a corresponding amount of money inside the balloon,

You shoud try this birthday game idea! You hit two birds in one, decor and game, how cool is that!

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