December 2, 2016

The Joy of Sharing Bubbleman with Mommy Pehpot

This blog wouldn't be seen or read if not for wonderful, selfless and super mommy blogger Pehpot Pineda.

We just met in an event that afternoon of Februray 20, 2010. We talked about mommyhood as well as my dillema with my old blog which was hard to find because of its long name.

That same day, after the event, Pehpot set up She lent me $$$ to pay for my domain. She even put up my paypal account and many more.

Pehpot is one of the top mommy bloggers in the Philippines. She may be a decade younger than I but she surely is way ahead when it comes to blogging and techie stuff. I like that she is an honest-to-goodness frank person.

We haven't been together for more than a year so I decided to give her a visit in her new place to deliver my Christmas gifts. One of my gifts are Bubbleman products. The Joy of Sharing Bubbleman with Mommy Pehpot Pineda is important to me because I believe in these products.  I'm a proud shifter form a popular and expensive brand to an eco-friendly and affordable Bubbleman Dishwashing Liquid.

The Pineda's have a very nice home! I like the cozy-homey-and lots of green plants and trees all around! I was also happy to see Nanay and Marius (the newest member of the Pineda Family). Incidentally, Marius birthday falls on my blog anniversary, Feb 20! How cool is that!

About Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid:

Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid is a product of Mikewell World of Household Products Company that’s available in local supermarkets nationwide. It is an eco-friendly, biodegradable product made from coconut-derived surfactants. It comes in  three (3) variants: Calamansi, Lemon and Antibac, and various sizes 270ml single is P32.50, 88oml single is P65.00, 270 ml promo pack is P55.00, 880ml promo pack is P120.00. It is safe and gentle on hands and doesn’t dry the skin; as their tagline says, "mabilis banlawan, banayad sa kamay".

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