December 3, 2016

The Joy of Sharing Bubbleman

Christmas is the happiest time of the year but I must admit that it's the craziest time, too. Imagine thinking and planning gifts for hundreds of people - from clients, business tenants, guards, teachers, relatives, friends and family. Ang sakit sa ulo!

This year, instead of giving shirts, wallets, shoes, belts and what have you, I have decided to do "The Joy of Sharing Bubbleman".

Bubble Man is a dishwashing liquid, a product of Mikewell World of Household Products Company, that’s available in local supermarkets nationwide. It is an eco-friendly, biodegradable product made from coconut-derived surfactants. It comes in  three (3) variants: Calamansi, Lemon and Antibac, and various sizes — Php32.50 (55 ml), Php65.00 (20 ml), and Php120.00 (880 ml). It is safe and gentle on hands and doesn’t dry the skin; as their tagline says, "mabilis banlawan, banayad sa kamay".

I've learned about Bubbleman just last July and I must say, I'm a proud shifter from a popular and expensive brand (na kapangalan ko pa!) to an eco-friendly and affordable Bubbleman Dishwashing Liquid.

The newest Mikewell product, Bubble soft. It is now in all Puregold branches, and oon to be available in other supermarkets.  It has a special citronella scent na mas mabango and mas malambot sa damit. Bubble soft is the only fabric softener that has cintronella scent to avoid mosquitos that causes dengue and zika virus. Price is P75.0O only. It comes in a promopack of 2 880ml bottle for ony P140.00.

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