December 23, 2016

The Junior Preneur at The Pioneer St Market

The Junior Preneur at The Pioneer St Market last December 4th, 2016 has once again ignited the entrepreneur spirit of my son, Juan, as well as the other kids who joined the event where they learned to do actual work thru manning their own,  donate to a foundation, and deposit part of his earnings as his savings.

The organization behind Junior Preneur, founded by Mother Entrepreneurs Cherry S. Genato and Mafae Yunon - Belasco, Bb.Pilipinas - World 2003,  aims to increase financial literacy in the Philippines by introducing the concept of business thru a 1-day program designed to teach kids how to earn money thru hard work, save earnings and share earnings to less fortunate children. As a culminating activity, the kids will be awarded with Business Certificates to make this day more symbolic for them.

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