December 5, 2016

WHISK Asian Bistro Café

I had an opportunity to eat at WHISK Asian Bistro Café last August with Mafae Belasco and her family. It was a night of good food and good conversation as I met and interviewed the young, hardworking and shy managing owner, Chef Barbie Tan.

It was also a privilege to meet Chef Barbie's supportive mom. I get teary-eyed when I see mom and daughter bonding in whatever form because I lost my mom very early in 1993.

Eating at WHISK made me forget the traffic that night, as well as the file where I saved the video, hence the delay of this post.

Whisk offers a wide variety of good quality food that's perfectly and beautifully served and plated. Price ranges from 180 to 250 (depending on what you ordered).

They have big servings on most food, just like that of  Kare Kare, House Blend Iced Tea and Banana Brulee Pancakes with Coco.

Speaking of Banana Brulee Pancakes with Coco, if you're a pancake baby, make sure to try Whisk's version. It has layers of fluffy pancakes and coco caramel sauce topped with brûleed bananas and candied walnuts that Chef Barbie personally torches right before your eyes. It will surely satisfy your sweet tooth cravings!

What we had that night? We ate a lot, namely, Whisk’s Spicy Wings, Banana Brulee Pancakes with Coco, Chicken Teriyaki, Mac and Cheese, House Blend Iced Tea, Lechon Kawali (with Pesto Sauce), 5 Spice Burger (Kikiam Burger), Kare Kare, Tofu Steak, Salmon Soba Salad, Dulce De Leche, Malagos Dark Chocolate Cake, 

What I liked? All of the food, with emphasis on Tofu Steak, Salmon Soba Salad, Whisk’s Spicy Wings, Banana Brulee Pancakes with Coco and House Blend Iced Tea.

(Food photos grabbed with permission at

WHISK Asian Bistro Café
Address: Alphaland Makati Place, 7232 Malugay, Makati, Metro Manila
For inquiries you may call Whisk at 802-5646
Instagram @whiskasianbistrocafe

Store Hours:  10AM–10PM

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