January 12, 2017

Benefits of Playing Rubik's Cube

Rubik's cube has been around for decades. Although people know what it  is, not many know how to solve this puzzle.  They say if you solve the Rubik's cube then you're a fairly smart perosn. However, there are plenty of really smart people that can't solve the cube. I, for one, can't solve it (wink!wink!) My daughter on the other hand loves playing Rubik's Cube. Aside from reading books, Julia gets lost solving the puzzle. She'd play it any time, any where. Kahit pa sya madapa!

If you find your child becoming interested this colorful cube, support him or her because there are many benefits of playing Rubik's Cube, such as, it helps the brain become sharper, betters eye-hand coordination, improves concentration, it is a  in general and ensures that you are able to process your thoughts faster, developes confidence and self-esteem, patience and perseverance.  

There are many fun variations of the cube as well as interesting things. To find out more  about it, check out Youtube videos and explore the endless ways of solving Rubik's Cube . 

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