January 7, 2017

DenKax Wedding

John and I rescheduled all our  other activities in favor of DenKax Wedding. Dennison and Kax are my co-bloggers. I knew Den for 7 years now and his more like a brother to me now. Since Den is Chinese he calls me Achi and I call him Syoti. While I met Kax 2 years ago via Den in a block screening movie for bloggers.

When I first saw Kax, I knew she's the one for Den. I'm not Madam Auring but I have this thing (some people call it a gift) where I see couples or sweethearts ending as husbands and wife.  I told Dennison about it and  made him promised that I will be invited on their wedding day.

Without further ado, here's the newly wedded couple, Mr. and Mrs. Den and Kax Uy!

"May the force of LOVE be with you forever"
-Joy Mendiola

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