January 31, 2017

Should You Be Friends with Your Ex?

My husband and I went on a couple spa recently. While John and her therapist were quietly doing the massage, my therapist and I kept on talking about life, her family, her husband. And then she giggly said, "I have something to tell you, Ma'am!"...

Her first boyfriend (she only had two, of course the last one became her better half) whom she has lost contact after migrating to another country, suddenly found her in FaceBook after 40+ years. He asked for apologies for breaking her heart in the past and that he wanted to reconnect with her. 

The lady is in her senior years, but she was happily telling the story as if she's a young kid. Pati ako actually natatawa at natutuwa. Imagine at 60+ kinikilig pa daw sya. I could feel her heart beating fast as she stroke my belly so I asked her, "kikitain mo ba?". She didn't answer but instead asked me, "Ano sa palagay mo, Ma'am". I replied, "If I were you, kikitain ko at sasampalin ko, hahahaha!" 

John's therapist butted in and said, "Ako kikitain ko din. Wala naman na yun, past is past, baka magso-sorry lang".

But my husband has a different take on the matter and said, "What for? It might rekindle some old fire hidden beneath the heart. Why tempt fate?".

Ikaw anong gagawin mo? Should you be friends with your ex? Please leave your comment below and I might surprise one or two with a Bubbleman gift pack😉😉😉.

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