January 6, 2017

Titas of Manila at Girl on TV

There are many new bloggers rising and they're young! Some of them calls me Ate Joy or Mommy Joy. I prefer to be called  the latter because Mommy to me means caring and loving.  When I got home I told my husband...

Me: Dad, I'm being called Ate Joy by new bloggers. Do I look old now?
John: It's ok, Babe, you don't look old but if a blogger calls you Tita, that's when you worry.

The next day, I attended a fashion event, and when we say fashion event, most of the bloggers are young. I don't even know why I was there (wink!wink). Two pretty young fashion bloggers I just met said, "Tita, thank you, you're so nice!". I almost shrank from where I was standing. 

I went home crying (lol), and told my husband, "Dad, I'm worrying". Without even asking me why, John said, " Oh, a blogger called you Tita!".

Speaking of being called a Tita, hindi na talaga mapipigilan pa ang panahon at ang mga tao to call me Tita because Hershey Neri of  Girl on TV recently tapped me to be one of the three guests for their Titas of Manila series.   Below are snippets of Titas of Manila at Girl on TV.

About Girl on TV:

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