February 12, 2017

Ena's 18th Birthday

February is such a hectic month for me, starting with Juan's 11th birthday, so many events and preparation for my upcoming blog anniversary and outreach activity. 

When Pam, my co-PTA officer in Mandaluyong Science High School, invited me to lead the opening prayer for Ena's 18th birthday, I couldn't say no. Debut, just like wedding and baptismal are occasions I love attending.

It's nice to see girls turn into a young lady during the celebration. I get teary-eyed seeing Pam with her daughter because when I celebrated my 18th birthday my Mama was sick. She was so sorry that she couldn't give me a big party because all the money were spent for her peritonial dialysis.

I'm not sorry for not having a debut just like Ena's, I'm just sad that my mother passed away at a young age of 43 (2 years and 3 months after my 18th birthday).

To Pam and her husband, I salute you for being the best parents. To Ena, continue to be smart, intelligent and humble but most importantly, continue to be a loving and caring daughter to your parents. Happy 18th birthday!

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