February 24, 2017

How To Clean Bathroom Tiles

People have different words for bathroom. Some call it comfort room, lavatory, restroom, powder room and toilet. Sa ating bayan ito ay kasilyas, kubeta, silid-paliguan at banyo. 

Despite its general use, the bathroom is my favorite part of the house because it brings forth wonderful memories of my mother. In the kitchen, when Mama asked me to help prepare food, I'd always forget a thing or two and Mama will not be happy. But when she tells me to clean the banyo, she'd praise me oh so dearly for doing a good job. This is probably why up until now I'd prefer to clean our banyo than cook food. Ang lakas talaga ng psychological effect ng mga magulang. Kaya para sa mga magulang na nagbabasa nito, i-praise ang mga anak sa mga kaaya-ayang gawain, wag ng itulad sa akin (lol!).

Some people eat chocolates when upset, depressed or plainly sad. Some would go shopping. Others would drink themselves to death. Iba ako, I'd go clean our banyo. I love cleaning our banyo, because I get to reflect on things that matters, such as, prepare my program for events and hosting, draft an article for this blog, plan our trips, sweat out, or cry when sad. When I am in this place I feel joyful, it's like a dose of instant happiness. As soon as I start cleaning our banyo all the negative emotions inside vanishes. 

But let's face it, ang hirap linisin ng floor, especially if the tiles are in white or cream shade. Feel free to watch my video on How To Clean Bathroom Tiles.

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