February 10, 2017

Omizu Beautifying Natural Spring Water

It was early last year when I first learned about Omizu Beautifying Natural Spring Water at a wellness event. Then again at another event where they were giving a bottle for sample. After reading its beauty and health benefits (firm and supple skin, healthy nails, prevents hair loss, promotes strong teeth, combat alzheimer’s, helps prevent heart attack, helps achieve hormonal balance and heal skin tissues) I knew this water is for me and my family!

Omizu is the first and only beautifying bottled water in the Philippines that is naturally rich in Silica, a natural anti-aging and antioxidant mineral. This amazing beautifying drink, bottled through the most advance Japanese technology, has health benefits to repair and rejuvenate the body inside and out.

If interested to know more about Omizu, email at  info@inryocorp.com, or call hone  +632.958.7989 +632.368.6244

(Photo Source: Inryocorp.com)
About Inryo Corporation:

With the collaboration of Filipino and Japanese Engineers and Businessmen, Inryo Corporation was formed on February 14, 2014. Being registered under the Security and Exchange Commission, its primary purpose is to create and introduce an innovative process that will turn water into a beneficial and functional drink.

Omizu, Inryo Corporation’s first product has reached a new milestone in water technology by being the first Beautifying Natural Spring Water in the market.

Equipped with the best up–to-date technology, individual expertise and financial capacity, INRYO Corporation is geared towards building a name in the business world, exhausting its resources to the development of its product and services for the gain of every single person affiliated to its organization. Inryo is located at Lot 8 Blk 28 Phase 2, Santana Vill., Brgy. San Luis, 1870 Antipolo City.

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