March 18, 2017

AGAPE Pastries and Tartines Megamall

AGAPE Pastries and Tartines is a well known restaurant that serves authentic, sumptuous French tartines (open-faced, flavorful sandwiches) and delicious pastries. Its first branch is located in Mira Nila Subdivision, Congressional Avenue Extension, Tandang Sora, Quezon City.

Although Agape in QC made a mark in the food industry even in a short span, my family and I do not go there often because it's quite far from where we live. It's great news that Agape is carving its name as a culinary revolution in the heart of Mandaluyong City as they recently opened AGAPE Pastries and Tartines Megamall.

Agape's mouth-wateringly scrumptious dishes are prepared with utmost passion by their internationally-trained chefs, using organic ingredients whenever possible Among Agape's specialties are its variety of tartines.

The yummy smell of breads and pastries, pasta and sandwich when you walk at the bridgeway will make you follow where it's coming from. look for Agago back as often at Agape.

For salad, try their Spicy Prawn and Papaya Salad. For pasta, try Squid Pasta, For dessert, we love Choholate Cake, Lava Tart and Ensaymada.

If you're going on a date (for two people), you will be needing approximately PHP 1000. With P1,000 you can order 2 drinks (I recommend bottomless Peach Iced Tea), A platter of tartines (you can choose 4 different tartines from a selection of 8), and you can share a slice of chocolate cake. Isn't t sweet when couple or sweethearts share a slice of cake?

For a family of 5, check out what we #Mendiolables had...

What makes Agape extra special is knowing that the people behind it have good hearts. The owners do not only do business, they actually help build the lives of their employees and their families.

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