March 21, 2017

FAT Show at View Park Hotel

Mard Gutirrez told me last year that he wants to collaborate with me for a food and travel show. I said yes of course even if uncertain if it's  going to materialize, out of respect and love for Mard's mom, Mrs. Rose Gutierrez, who happened to be my Grade Six adviser. 

Out of nowhere some two weeks ago, Mard contacted me saying "we're pushing for the project". So we met at Prestige Megamall, along with Angel and Thess. It was an informal meeting. I was with 3 young talents. Angel is in her teens. Thess early 30s and Mard in mid-twenties.

If I will work with them, I'm definitely going to act in charge since I'm the experienced one. For weeks, we just chatted in Messenger. They didn't know when and where to start so  I recommended the closest hotel in the hearts of #Mendiolables. For the first episode, FAT Show at View Park Hotel, hopefully to be shown by the end of March st Pinoy Extreme Channel.

"FATS" isn't the kind of fats you will avoid though. It is a lifestyle show intended for the whole family. FATS means Food, Adventure, Travel Show. It may also mean Fashion, Arts, Talk Show. It also stands for the show tagline "Friends, Atin Tong Show, kaya lika na!"

Though FATS  is not going to be shown in popular tv stations but only in cable tv, Pinoy Extreme, I still went ahead, hoping that FATS will someday be big. Libre ang mangarap, hehehehehe! 

View Park Hotel's 
Contact numbers:  0923-372-3894, 0905-246-8326, (02)584-4090 or 

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