March 16, 2017

Good Job, Lazada!

My husband collects The Game of Thrones Bluray series but he couldn't find Season 6 anywhere. It's sold out from where he usually buys  until he found a seller at Lazada. John asked about my experience in shopping online at Lazada. When told Lazada is A-OK, John immediately ordered this...

But this was what was delivered...

Of course, John wasn't happy especially when he placed it along with the other GOT Blurays.

John filled up the feedback form, then Lazada sent an email because of his concern. He was then tranfered to a customer care for investigation. In less than an hour, John's dilemma was remedied, Laada will refund his money.

Good job, Lazada, you have proven that you are indeed, the number 1 online store in the Philippines!

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