March 29, 2017

Muscular Legs

I appreciate and love my legs very much for it has brought, and still brings me, to many places but  I have to admit it is my least favorite part of the body because it's short and muscular.

I have perfected the pose on how to hide my short and muscular legs during photoshoots. Syempre naman sa picture man lang e mag mukha syang long and lean. May mga pangyayari lang talaga sa buhay na magpapaalala ng katotohanan ng buhay. Last week at Marriot Hotel for Pasay City Tourism and Heritage Expo...

Me: Love, please take my photos. 
Juan: Okay, Mom.
Me: (looking at the photos) Ay, it doesn't look nice. Please make me beautiful.
Juan: Mom, you're beautiful naman, it's just that your legs are too muscular.

Hence, the cropped photos below... 

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