March 13, 2017

Pilipinas FJ Summit™ at Calamba City Hall on April 29-30, 2017

Attention Toyota FJ Cruiser owners, collectors and prospective clients, there will be an upcoming Pilipinas FJ Summit™ at Calamba City Hall on April 29-30, 2017. There will also be a Pilipinas FJ Summit™ Run on April 30.

The Pilipinas FJ Summit™ is organized by the Philippine FJ Cruisers Club, Inc. It heralds the first of a series of Buhayani Festival Events organized by the City Government of Calamba to commemorate our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. The Buhayani is Calamba City’s annual festival celebrating its history and heroes, both historic and contemporary. Conquer the Pilipinas FJ Summit™ Challenge. It is a uniquely designed off-road course that was created to test the prowess of the FJ Cruiser and its driver. Feast on 100 or more FJ Cruisers, including yours, that will be displayed on the Summit Day.

Attractions of the Summit includes the convergence of as many FJ, opportunity to meet and befriend fellow FJ Cruiser owners and enthusiasts from all over the country, family bonding, a whole day of fun and fellowship and Pilipinas FJ Summit™ party in the evening.

Avail of big Summit discounts from the major suppliers and distributors of the best after-market parts and accessories for your FJ Cruiser. They will be there to make your dreams come true and with big discounts. 

Pilipinas FJ Summit™ 2017 will be a family event. It is open to the public and will have something for everyone, even for non-FJ Cruiser owners. Part of the proceeds from this event will be donated to the various socio-civic projects of the Philippine FJ Cruisers Club. For more information, please contact 09178636375, plus Facebook: FJcruisersPH and Instagram: @fjcruisersph.

About Toyota FJ Cruiser:

The Toyota FJ Cruiser is a retro style, mid-size SUV with styling and off road performance reminiscent of the original Toyota Land Cruiser (FJ40). The "FJ" in the Toyota FJ Cruiser's name refers to the chassis specification code of the Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser. The classic Land Cruiser was produced worldwide from 1960 until 1984. And like the old FJ40, the Toyota FJ Cruiser has superior off-road capabilities.The production of the FJ Cruiser has been discontinued in 2014 and only a handful is available in showrooms. 

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