April 16, 2017

Amara's 7th Birthday

Celebrating 7th birthday is quite popular in the Philippines. I don't know how or when the it started, there's just something about this particular birthday that makes the kids exciteg d. Well, I must admit that it's even more exciting for moms (and dads too) to prepare and make this event cool and fun.

Upon receiving a message from Omar for Amara's 7th Birthday, I had to re-arrange the #Mendiolables schedule to make sure that we will be present for Amara's special day.

Amara is my inaanak (Godchild) from Omar and Jacky. Omar was my former officemate in Medicard Philippines. Omar is one of the nicest person I met kaya naman when he asked me to be Ninang for their daughter, I was honored.

Prior to going to Amara's party in Manang Fely's Private Resort in Tanay, twins Rafael and Julia asked if they can just stay home. I couldn't blame them, at fourteen they both feel that they're done with kiddie parties. They were hoping I'd say say but  since it's been seven years since we last saw Amara, they were forced to come.

It turned out they had so much fun at Amara's 7th Birthday, with all the sweets - ice cream, chocolates, candies, the food, games and most of all the game prizes! Imagine bringing home a box of Lego just for joining a simple bring me game.

If the children had fun, it's only fair to admit, I was the happiest of them all! I joined the dance contest, pabitin and palayok.

Most of all, it was great to see Amara, Omar and Jacky again. 

Meaning of AMARA:

Latin - Beloved
Sanskrit - immortal
 Mongolian - peaceful
 German -  Steadfast, immortal

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