April 14, 2017

Babang Luksa

Babang Luksa is a Filipino tradition, specially for the Catholics, that means "End of Mourning". This is the of gathering of family to mark the end of a mourning period, which is commonly called first year death anniversary.

When I was a little girl, Babang Luksa practice was more stern, the immediate family members shall not be seen socializing or attending any happy gatherings. Plus they have to wear black the entire year or at least wear a black pin.

After one year of mourning,  it's when a immediate family members finally moves on from mourning a deceased loved one.

These days, Babang Luksa is practiced in a simple way where family members visit the grave of the dearly departed and offer prayers. Filipinos love to eat so handaan or feast is usually part of Babang Luksa.

We just had our Babang Luksa for my father last April 12. It was also the birthday of our Lola Ebeng who passed away in 2007. Our Mama passed away April 9, 2003, so April is more like a gathering to remember our dearly departed loved ones.

 Papa and Mama

Papa and Mama's offspring - 6 kids and 12 grandchildren

Punzalan Fam
Ate Rose, eldest among the 6 children, with daughter Jel. Not in photo is her eldest son Gerald
Agustin Fam
Ate She (3rd from left), with Manong George, Andrei and Nice
Alberto Fam
Kuya Bob, with his kids Luis, Gaby and Bea.
Tita Jo and Jubert
Ching  with her kids, Yuri and Charlize
With my bestfriend Nen

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